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Killer Double

Nightfall -- Lee Driver



What Lies Within -- S.D. Tooley


Book 5 -- What Lies Within

For seventy years Sin Strip was the place to be in Chasen Heights, Illinois. It offered liquor, gambling, topless dancing, anything the heart desired. It was an age of self-indulgence that began a decline in 1995. But two weeks before a wrecking ball was to destroy one of the remaining landmark hotels, the police make a grisly discovery. Not all of Chasen Heights' secrets were destroyed when Sin Strip was closed down.

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“The fast-paced investigative story line grips the reader as increasingly the evidence hangs the Chief who depends on a former employee he helped drive off the force.  Character driven by mostly Sam, but somewhat by a beleaguered Murphy, fans will enjoy the latest Casey paranormal whodunit as the Sin City segment of Chasen Heights was just two weeks from having its secrets interred forever.”  — Midwest Book Review