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Killer Double

Nightfall -- Lee Driver



Vaporizer -- Lee Driver

Book 6 -- The Vaporizer

Nothing is as it seems in Cedar Point, Indiana. Three gang members appear to have died of natural causes. Then the medical examiner completes the autopsies and discovers the victims are missing their brains. When something strange rears its ugly head, the police turn to Chase Dagger. Aided by a partner who is a shapeshifter, unique high-tech toys, and a team of unusual cohorts, Dagger has a way of solving the most bizarre crimes.

Although the case is intriguing, Dagger has something more important on his mind. It appears BettaTec, a shadow corporation he used to work for, has finally located him and they need his help. Refusing isn’t an option because BettaTec knows about Sara and her shapeshifting abilities. To keep his partner safe, he has no choice but to work with BettaTec again.

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“Lee Driver’s Chase Dagger/Sara Morningsky series is one of the few truly dependable mystery series being published today. You always know what to expect with Driver: the unexpected.” — Craig Clarke, Top 1000 Reviewer

“In Driver’s novels it is impossible to separate the lure of the plot and the magnetism of the characters. The chance to catch a hell of a mystery and the growing, unfolding enigma of such characters as these is exceedingly rare. Don’t miss the opportunity.” — Lisa DuMond, www.sfsite.com