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Nightfall -- Lee Driver



The Unseen -- Lee Driver

Book 3 -- The Unseen

It’s tough to catch a killer you can’t see!

In The Unseen, Dagger is pulled into several cases that are linked by the most bizarre common denominator: Not one surveillance camera reveals the assailant.

Sergeant Padre Martinez believes the suspect is an old nemesis, a computer savvy ex-con who has manipulated cameras in the past. When the body of a research scientist and his wife are discovered, things get complicated. Not only are the ex-con’s prints found in the scientist’s home, but the deaths also attract the interest of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Department of Defense. Exactly what was the scientist working on and what connection does he have to the other cases? Are the crimes really the skill of a high-tech genius or is there something more sinister at work?

Just when the evidence points strongly to Padre’s number one suspect, Padre is accused of planting the evidence and removed from the investigation. Enter Chase Dagger.

Unusual cases require unusual detectives. Whether it’s solving the case of a woman who is murdered five years after her death (The Good Die Twice) or chasing after a suspect not quite human (Full Moon-Bloody Moon), Dagger has his hands full while staying two steps ahead of his mysterious past.

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“This is paranormal mystery writing at its best. The author has mastered excellent writing skills to put forth a gripping yet entertaining story. We rated this book five hearts.”  — Bob Shear, Publisher and Chief Reviewer — Heartland Reviews

“Conversation carries most of the story forward, with sketchy Indiana and Lake Michigan locales bringing intermittent relief.  A quick read for undemanding readers and fans of paranormal fiction.”  —  Library Journal

“Lee Driver has written an exciting paranormal mystery that has excellent plotting, brilliant characterizations and an enthralling storyline.”  —  Midwest Book Review