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Killer Double SD Tooley
Killer Double

Nightfall -- Lee Driver



Nothing Else Matters -- S.D. Tooley

Book 2 -- Nothing Else Matters

He’s known by the code name, Sparrow. Authorities can only identify him by the tattoo on the back of his hand. Sparrow is a gun for hire and his next target is Reverend Emmett Smith. His orders are to kill the Reverend on the River Queen Casino. But just before he pulls the trigger, someone beats him to it. The Reverend is carrying $50,000 in counterfeit money. Sparrow soon realizes the fee he was paid is counterfeit. Sparrow is one man you don’t want to cross.

Sparrow plays a cat-and-mouse game with Sam’s young computer friend, Tim, and matches wits with Sam. Just who is Sparrow? Why does Sam have dreams of hot lights, unbearable pain, and bizarre torture techniques? And why does she keep hearing a strange mantra in her head – “Other than survival, nothing else matters”?

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ForeWord Magazine's 2001 Book of the Year Award   

“Entertaining reading in what looks to be a solid series.”  — Booklist

“The author, who spent six years as a casino dealer, effectively blends Native American lore with the world of riverboat gambling.”  — Publishers Weekly

“…the characterization and the depth of complexity of the man known only as Sparrow is not only stark and brutal, but also heart wrenching. My sincere compliments to the author of this masterpiece.”  — Cindy Penn, www.WordWeaving.com