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Nightfall -- Lee Driver



Nightfall -- Lee Driver

Book 7 -- Nightfall

In FULL MOON-BLOODY MOON (Book 2) Chase Dagger and his cohorts confronted the curse of the Addison family. Paul Addison had been an unassuming character, quiet and subdued, but with one lethal flaw—he had been born on a Friday the 13th during a full moon. All of the men in the Addison family born during an identical occurrence inherited the same curse, transforming them into bloodthirsty predators. But Paul Addison had a fiery end to his life.

If that’s the case, then who has been on a killing spree for the past seven months? Killings which become increasingly more brutal around a full moon? Injuries so merciless that it couldn’t possibly have been made by anything human? How much more can the killings escalate as it approaches a full moon AND a Friday the 13th?

As though Dagger didn’t have enough to worry about with his former employer on his trail, he now has to protect the woman he loves because every victim of the current serial killer is a woman.

And each is named Sara.

NIGHTFALL is the 7th in the Chase Dagger series and a sequel to FMBM.

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When the author first began this series in 1999, she was at the forefront of novelists blending mysteries with fantasy. In the latest installments, Driver has added an element of science fiction, as drones, cloning, and nanotechnology all come into play to explain Dagger’s mysterious origin.

Perhaps the real highlight, though, is how the author also manages to balance humor with a pervading threat of menace, ensuring a read that is as fun as it is suspenseful.  --       Kings River Life Magazine  --  Cynthia Chow