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Killer Double

Nightfall -- Lee Driver



Echoes From The Grave -- S.D. Tooley


Book 4 -- Echoes From the Grave

Former homicide detective, Sam Casey, finds it hard to stay away from crime scenes, especially those where victims have died violently, and where the killers are still unknown.

Centuries-old skeletal remains of Native Americans along with artifacts are discovered during the construction of a downtown office building. Sam has a difficult time deciphering her visions of two moons and the sound of gravel crunching until she realizes the two moons are headlights. The Chasen Heights medical examiner follows Sam’s hunch and discovers that one of the victims died three years ago.

Detective Sergeant Jake Mitchell likes money motives and there are enough to peg three suspects for the murder. Sam likes passion motives. But the more Sam delves into the case, the more confusing it becomes, because now she is hearing more than one voice.

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“Few if any paranormal police procedurals are as good as the Casey-Mitchell Lake Michigan whodunits.”   — Midwest Book Review

“The author tells a great mystery story that will keep the reader interested from beginning to end.”   —  Maura, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

“In a writing style which will rivet the reader to the roller-coaster plotting, Echoes from the Grave is a page-turner which will have the reader racing with heart in mouth to a stunning and unexpected denouement.”   — Euro-Reviews