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Nightfall -- Lee Driver



Chasing Ghosts -- Lee Driver

Book 4 -- Chasing Ghosts

What if everything you knew about your past was wrong? What if who you thought you were was all a lie?

In Chasing Ghosts, Dagger comes face-to-face with his past in the form of an intruder who first wants to hire him, then tries to kill him. What prompted this response? The answer lies in a series of numbers which triggers Dagger’s memory and leads him to a remote city one mile below the surface, technologically advanced yet abandoned…or is it?

Knowing all roads eventually lead back to BettaTec, a shadow corporation Dagger used to work for, he does all he can to keep his partner out of danger. But Sara has her ways and knowing Dagger, he will risk everything, even his life, to destroy BettaTec. Sara is the only one who can keep BettaTec from destroying him.

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“This story is a fascinating blend of mystery and science fiction. Secret government projects, super soldiers, and high tech toys are brilliantly used to develop a storyline that holds your attention right through until the end. This story stands alone as a great read, but I really recommend reading the whole series.”  — Rating: 4 Cups - Coffee Time Romance

“The fusion of mystery and urban fantasy makes CHASING GHOSTS a wonderful thriller.” —Alternative-worlds.com