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A Remy and Roadkill Mystery by S.D. Tooley

A Remy and Roadkill Mystery by S.D. Tooley
(Ages 11 to 111)

Hidden passageways…a suit of armor that moves
…a small town with big secrets.
Is there a better way to spend the summer?

After purchasing a monkey skull at an estate sale following the death of the last of the town’s founding family, Remy is curious how the animal died.  She enlists the aid of the school’s outcast—a teen with a strange fascination with dead animals.  They team up with a runaway and together volunteer to straighten the shelves in the mansion’s library.  But they have more than shelving books on their minds, because when Remy completed her reconstruction, she discovered that the skull wasn’t from an animal.

There are others who know the skull is human.  And there is one person who will stop at nothing to keep its identity a secret.

In the tradition of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, three thirteen-year-olds dabble in CSI to reveal a town’s long-kept secret.  Along the way, three unlikely friends discover their true talents.

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Winner of the IDA Chittum Award for best YA Mystery

“Truly The Skull is an effective mystery novel well worth reading, suitable for young adults but also enticing to older adults as well. “ — Euro-Reviews

“Great mystery.  CSI is such a “hot” topic for my middle school.  I think kids will relate to the characters.  They aren’t perfect and the most popular in school.  Loved all the hints and red herrings.”  — Judge for the 2006 Ben Franklin Awards

“An excellent thriller!  Suspenseful pace kept right up with character development.  Lots of interesting subplots – dealing with mother’s death, gifted kid feeling like an outcase, single parent, bad divorce.  Very talented storyteller!”  — Judge for the 2006 Ben Franklin Awards