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Buried Secrets -- Lee Driver
Buried Secrets

Nightfall -- Lee Driver

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Latest Release!

Buried Secrets, Book #8 in the Sam Casey series, was released in June 2017 in hard cover, trade paperback, and most ebook formats.

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Have you ever met someone or been somewhere and had the feeling you met that person or ventured into that place before yet, to your recollection, you never had? Ever thought of a loved one and suddenly the person calls? Ever had an overwhelming sensation that something wasn’t quite right? Déjà vu? Intuition? Sixth Sense?

Such situations come with a strong believability factor and have always intrigued me. That’s why I write the type of books you will find on my site. I have also had an interest in Native American history and culture which explains my use of a few Native characters in my books, although the plots are not set on a reservation.

I do have one foot firmly in the real world, though, as my books are mostly about crime, even have a touch of romance; but it’s the slice of the unknown that separates my books from true mysteries. Prepare to discover Mysteries with an Edge.