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Killer Double SD Tooley
Killer Double

Nightfall -- Lee Driver



May 1, 2023

After juggling two mystery series for 20 years, I have decided to cut my work in half and have the detectives work together. KILLER DOUBLE combines the urban fantasy world of Chase Dagger with the mystery/paranormal world of Sam Casey.

In KILLER DOUBLE, body parts wash up on shore in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Victim of a shark attack, or something more sinister? Less than a thousand miles away in Indiana, the body count is rising. The prints left behind are puzzling. It matches the prints from the body parts in South Carolina, but there’s a second set of prints…a serial killer’s from twenty-five years ago. Only problem is, the killer has been dead for over twenty years.

A case this bizarre is right up Dagger’s alley, but he isn’t about ready to share it with another detective team. Dagger is very private and Sara’s talents must be kept a secret. Jake is a former FBI agent, a by-the-book detective who will find it difficult to look the other way at Dagger’s tactics. It will be up to Sam and Sara to keep the two men from killing each other before the case is solved.

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